Shimulia-Banglabazar Ferry Service: Now 11hrs a day, only for light vehicles

After 47 days, the BIWTC partially resumed ferry services on Shimulia–Banglabazar yesterday

Officials stated that five ferries will be operating every day from 6:00am through 5:00pm. They will carry only light vehicles such as cars, microbuses and ambulances.

After four ferry collisions with pillars and one span of the Padma Bridge, the authorities suspended services.

Yesterday, SM Ashiquzzaman, Director of Commercial at BIWTC, stated that ferries going to Banglabazar Ghat via Shimulia Ghat would travel between bridge pillars 14-15. In addition, the ferries will traverse the Padma from Banglabazar Ghat towards Shimulia via pillars 19-20.

After a trial run on ferry "Kunjalata", he said that they had resumed ferry services.

The vessel, which was carrying 47 vehicles (including cars and motorcycles), left Ferry Ghat-3 in Shimulia Ghat around 11:00 am and arrived at Banglabazar Ghat, Madaripur, around noon.

The ferry left Banglabazar Ghat around 12:30pm, and arrived at Shimulia Ghat about 1:40pm.

"There are strong currents within the Padma. We have chosen to operate five high speed ferries with light vehicles every day, despite the river current at 6 to 6.5km/h. Ashiquzzaman stated that we will make the next decision about operating ferries if there is a decrease in river current.

He stated that the current was different between the pillars of Padma Bridge. "Hopefully, the river currents will decrease in the next one or two weeks. We plan to operate other ferries there.

This route is served by the BIWTC, which operates 16-17 ferries every time that the river current is normal at 5-6 km/h.

According to the official, an army team would be present to help the ferry navigate under the bridge. Captains of ferry will also be monitored.


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